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Blog How to be competetive in the cleaning industry

How to be competetive in the cleaning industry
How to be competetive in the cleaning industry
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How to be competetive in the cleaning industry

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  • Lindsay McDougall

Clients have become more demanding and sophisticated. Gone are the days of a hand shake,"leave it with me, everything will be fine"

Clients want more transparency, better communications, a valid and viable quality management structure and of course a cheaper price. All of this can create a substantial added financial and time burden to your business and in many cases create overhead expenses that make your business noncompetitive. So how do you provide all that and still keep your business competitive?

We are lucky that in today's world computers, the internet and software development have changed our business potential, made our businesses more efficient, created more seamless forms of communication, provided automated processes that can maintain our business better than we can ourselves.

CBS Cleaning Business Software is dedicated quality management software specifically designed for the cleaning industry. With CBS Software your business can provide your clients with everything they need and demand from a professional cleaning service.


Many cleaning companies are still old school and have not used technology for productivity gains and quality management structure, or if they have, have only scratched the surface utilising mismatched software to try and achieve their goals.

CBS fully integrated quality management software will help you keep existing clients longer and create a specific point of difference between you and your competitors, creating greater opportunities for business growth.

What can it do?

  • Mobile Quality Auditing Module, access using smart phones, iPad or tablets, populates all client details, areas cleaned, Service provided, Allocated cleaner name, out of 10 rating, Description are for defects, Upload photos, add clients electronic signature, comments, auditor comments and automated reminders to follow up on issues. Immediate email notification to cleaner and clients that and audit has been completed and immediate submission to your CBS Information Dashboard
  • Customer Management Module. A client login portal for seamless client communications, upload consumable orders, work requests, complaints and notifications, Clients can view audit histories, cleaning specifications upload photos , view and review periodic task status, original quotation details, and and contract variations are maintained in chronological order.
  • Cleaner Management Module. Cleaners Login Portal, quality audit history, Periodical tasks due and status, customer complaints, one off job notifications and history, Online Training and Induction, Direct Document Transfer, Disciplinary Action History, Cleaning Schedules, Certificate and insurance logs, with automated update reminders
  • Cleaner Phone App Live monitor cleaners with google maps GPS Tracking ,Onsite Cleaner QR Code Login and Logout, Quality Audits history, Cleaning Schedules Calendar, Periodic Tasks sign off and status, One off job communication, Customer complaints direct communications
  • Information Dashboard. Followup reminders, Quotations completed, Contracts converted, Audit results and histories, View your company performance by single client or across your whole client base directly from the dashboard, Clients overdue for audits, Client Communications One Off Jobs, Cleaner Site Login Log Out, Status of Periodical Task Provides. Drill down from dashboard for more in depth information
  • Quotation Module. Powerful, fast, flexible and designed for winning quotes not just pricing jobs. Easily manipulate the quotation to create different scenarios for more competitive quotes, built in reports and editable presentation template with mail merge. Create PDF reports for immediate onsite presentation, create your own cleaners base costs, or penalty rates, manipulate your margin directly form the quotation page. Create an automated follow up reminder once a quote has been presented
  • Appointment Scheduler. Direct Calendar bookings, regular clients or one off jobs, multiple calendars ( Commercial Contracts, Domestic Contracts, One Off Jobs, Periodical Task, Daily Weekly Monthly views, multiple or single cleaner view automated email notifications to cleaners and clients
  • ISO 9001:2015 Compliant, everything is automatically recorded and communicated to all relevant stake holders. Accessible from anywhere at any time on any device connecting o the internet

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