Cleaning database building software


How to move your cleaning business into future with cleaning database building software?

A Cleaning database building software designed by Cleaning Business Software lets you take matters into your own hands and let you have full control. It allows you to make your own applications according to the requirements of your business, and your time.

Cleaning database building software

Still not sure if your business needs cleaning services software? Below, we have provided the benefits to give you a better understanding of how it has become a necessity for any cleaning business to flourish:

As per your business needs

The beauty of custom made applications in a cleaning database building software is that they are perfect for your needs from every single aspect. You can use it according to the specific function you need out of it at the time. Whether it’s to manage paper work more efficiently, keep track of staff performance, improve productivity, schedule cleaning jobs, rectify non-compliance issues or much more, it has a function for every facet of your cleaning business. Only use the functions you need.

Saves time

A cleaning database building software guarantees a major cut down of time. All applications are user-friendly and quick to use. What used to take you a long time to do the traditional, manual, paper way, will be reduced thanks to technology and software designed to cater for all the processes of a cleaning business. This is also helpful if you have staff members on sick leave or holidays, as your business will be less reliant on lots of manual labour to perform all your business processes.


A cleaning services software adds a professional image to your cleaning company. Your business will be able to give out the important vibes of a well-managed, professional cleaning team, to your clients. Everything will be in order, and a system can be maintained by using cleaning database building software. It enables you to put tasks on a type of cruise control, while keeping track of quality as well. The whole team will be integrated and able to communicate with each other without any sort of gap.

Improved security of business information

Every cleaning business has lots of client and staff information, policies and procedures that need to be safeguarded properly.  With cleaning database building software, all your important information can be kept safe and secure and encrypted if need be. It also only allows the authorised staff to access the required information relevant to their job position.

Boosts Data integrity

Cleaning database building software is a necessity for a cleaning business to be efficient and productive, unlike other software that should really only be optional. As human error is the leading cause of data loss, this software has protocols in place and has a regimented back-up process that will ensure your business does not lose out on a single byte of data or information. This drastically reduces the chances of data loss.

Increases your work orders and customer list

A cleaning services software like this is bound to be a big promoter to customer numbers of your cleaning business. It will definitely improve all your processes no matter what they focus on, which in turn will lead to increased productivity. A more efficient business will let you concentrate on growing your customer base whilst maintaining current customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Facts and Reports

A cleaning database software will allow the business to generate reports in real-time which will give you a clearer understanding of what is really happening now and to the whole progress of the business. The reported facts can be analysed in more detail and business decisions can be made accordingly.

Less labour intensive

A cleaning database building software introduces a sense of reliability and peace of mind among your whole staff. It cuts down on the labour intensive, manual work load and staff become more efficient. With cleaning services software being fully integrated, their energies are not spent recording the same data over and over for different purposes and trying to keep up with the never-ending paper trail.

The ‘new thing’

With all these benefits, cleaning database software is quickly replacing the old methods of managing a cleaning business. It’s well and truly time to move towards the future and make your business more efficient and productive. Cleaning database building software is:

  • Modern
  • User-friendly
  • Quick
  • And stops the excel madness!! 

As Arthur C. Clarke once said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Cleaning database building software from cleaning business software must become a part of your cleaning business, because the things that get measured properly are the only ones that get managed properly.


cleaning database building software

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