Janitorial Management Software


Janitorial Management Software

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Janitorial management software is extremely important if you are looking for an efficient and profit-rich cleaning business set up in Australia. Building a grand cleaning business serving multiple markets is guaranteed once you get your hands on the best janitorial management software from Cleaning Business Software.

Janitorial Management Software

Just look at the benefits of using janitorial management software that personifies ease:

1. Easy submission of work orders

For any type of service business, work orders need to me dealt with carefully. Janitorial management software can free you from the worry of keeping track of these work orders. This software enables the whole cleaning team to enter new work orders and manage the ones that have already been dealt with. It is not only easy, it’s also a systematic way of managing your work orders. You can free yourself from the wrath of paper work and the extra space required for storage of traditional paper files. You also no longer need to worry about losing any work orders, as they are all stored safely in the electronic files.

2. Better Scheduling

It’s important to easily submit your work orders, however this is only half of taking your business to new heights. Janitorial management software will help you to better manage and schedule the work orders easier and quicker and lessen the margin for human error. It does this by keeping track of the all the work orders and in a few clicks of a button you are able to approve, organise and allocate them to the best staff, instantly without any being missed. In this fast-paced world, it’s important for a cleaning business to be able to promptly schedule work orders and have them completed quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Automatic Reminders

Once all the cleaning scheduling has quickly been entered into and taken care of with janitorial management software, it’s time for the special feature of the automatic reminders to pop up and do their thing! Never miss an appointment again with these automatic reminders. It will also prompt you to follow up issues from all departments due on that day. Things can now get done in a timely manner, without any sort of hassle and this guarantees customer-satisfaction and business productivity.

4. Bidding Software

Janitorial management software would not be complete if it did not integrate a bidding software package. Bidding software is truly amazing. It prompts you to enter all the relevant details required to win that next big cleaning contract. You can customise the templates to suit the client and present the finished bid to them in a professional and polished format. With a janitorial bidding software package your business won’t look back as you are able to secure more contracts without spending loads of precious time going the extra mile. A bidding software package is extremely helpful and efficient.

5. Estimates and quotes

Providing a more accurate estimate of costs, otherwise known as quotes, to your potential customers has just become easier with janitorial management software. The templates allow you to create specs based on your customers premises and budget and will then automatically generate the quote or estimate. This function is especially helpful in the bidding software package.

6. Mobile Surveys

This is important for any cleaning business trying to upgrade their communication link with directly with clients. Not only can janitorial management software allow your business to have easy access to customer feedback, but it also provides you with quick access to the performance of your cleaning business which is automatically generated by the surveys that have been submitted. Mobile surveys take things to a new level with the option of QR codes. This helps with client retention and improving your business.

7. Comprehensive quality control

With customer feedback arranged in a systematic way with the help of janitorial management software, you can clearly review the business’s performance in detail and figure out that what practices need to be fixed and what is working well.

Other benefits of Janitorial Management Software

Janitorial management software is not just all about scheduling, bidding and quality control. It is easy to use and has many features which include:

  • Fully integrated with many other featured packages designed for your cleaning business.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Provides in-depth reports that are easy to analyse
  • All staff can log in and use the software components relevant to their department
  • Manage staff and customer details with ease
  • Work in real time and let your customers communicate with you instantly

 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”- Helen Keller

Janitorial management software designed by Cleaning Business Software is all about increasing profit margins and making things easier for your cleaning business.

janitorial management software

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