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Best janitorial bidding software
Best janitorial bidding software
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Best janitorial bidding software

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Features of the best janitorial bidding software - CBSGOSOFT

Managing a commercial cleaning business isn’t an easy task. It comes with its own set of requirements such as tracking employees, contracts and job details which involves lot of work and documentation. But along with running the business your target must also be to attain new contracts and expand your operations overtime. That is where the best janitorial bidding software by CBS – Cleaning Business Software, comes to your rescue.

Here are few of the features that will help you understand why a bidding software is essential:

  1. Marketing: The software puts the business’s best face forward by capturing the essential details and will market the core strengths by providing valid reasons as to why the client must choose your business over the competitors. It also tells the clients what is really needed and cuts out any possible unwanted details that might be placed in the bid without complete understanding.
  2. Specifications: Putting across the specifics for the bid is crucial, this needs the right knowledge. With the best janitorial bidding software this task becomes easy to deal with. Placing all the right information in the bid will allow the client to analyse the details and not be overwhelmed with unnecessary detail. Their time is precious and they will appreciate a clean, precise bid.
  3. Professional: An organised bid that is precise creates the right impression on the client. Your business image will be professional which will help you stand out in a crowd.
  4. Expert help: The best janitorial bidding software offers you ready-made templates that you can customise and complete. It will prompt you to enter all the necessary details to create a successful bid.
  5. Stand out: The client has a tough task to choose the final bid amongst several others. By taking into account the right details and showcasing your core strengths, all in a well thought out and professional manner, you will enhance your chances of winning the bid.

The best janitorial bidding software by CBS – Cleaning Business Software, will help your business make a name for itself in the competitive commercial cleaning industry.


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