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Cleaner Management Software
Cleaner Management Software
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Cleaner Management Software

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Cleaner Management software


CBS Cleaner Management software can help you manage your cleaners and compliance issues.

Fully ISO 9001:2008 Compliant

Every cleaner has a quality performance rating  automatically updated with every client audit.

A comprehensive history of training, disciplinary action, certifications, skills etc are maintained

Follow up reminders are generated to the Information dashboard when certifications and or insurance are due to expire so that you never have a non compliance issue. Documents can be uploaded to validate compliance.

Don't get trapped with unfair dismissal keep a chronological history of disciplinary issues and actions taken.

A work schedule is maintained for every cleaner to easily view who is cleaning what client and when.

The cleaners will download the CBS App that will be used for instant communications. The app provides information of customer complaint, follow-up reminders, job schedules, quality audits and standard.

Most importantly once the cleaner has logged on you will immediately have a GPS location using Google mapping, showing where your cleaner is, where he/she has been has been and how long he/she have spent there.


Cleaner Management software

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