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Cleaning business mobile audit software
Cleaning business mobile audit software
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Cleaning business mobile audit software

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Cleaning business mobile audit software – CBS Australia

Cleaning business mobile audit software provides complete depictions of resistance issues. Upload photographs for exact enumerating. Get client comment with help of cleaner examining programming. Get customer computerised signature. Follow up updates where rebellious regions might require extra consideration. Have your administration, staff or cleaners ready to login whenever to finish a review any place. All reviews quickly submitted to the Dashboard management system.

This software is mobile friendly and easy to use on any PDA, iPad or tablet with remote availability this cleaner examining programming can work proficiently. Just pick your customer in the audit module and all cleaning ranges will self-populate for quick and exact reviews. You can immediately rate all your customer ranges and your cleaner's execution, and keep chronicled records.

To get the best and finest benefit from this mobile audit software you need to get involved in it. First you need to choose your client or customer in the mobile audit module and after that all cleaning areas will self-populate for fast and accurate audits. It will immediately rate all your client areas and your cleaner's performance, and keep historical records as well.

Also provides comprehensive descriptions of non-compliance issues. You can also upload photos for accurate detailing. Follow up reminders where non-compliant areas may require additional attention. An easy way to have your management, staff or cleaners able to login at any time to complete an audit anywhere. All audits immediately submitted to the Dashboard for management information.

This is going to be the perfect software for you and it is simple as well as unique. You can contact us for information.

Now a day smart phones and tablets are getting popularity very fast and that’s the reason why we need something like mobile audit to manage all our work. It is very useful and easy.

Cleaning business mobile audit software

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