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CBS Cleaning Business Software - Bidding Software
CBS Cleaning Business Software - Bidding Software
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CBS Cleaning Business Software - Bidding Software

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CBS Cleaning business Software - Bidding Software

Quoting cleaning jobs is a critical part of any cleaning business.

Even for those with a lot of industry experience it is easy to fall into a pattern of mistakes that can hold you back from winning quotes and operating a successful cleaning business.

Half of the job is getting the quotes through marketing strategies and I will go into them in a later blog. But getting quotes and winning quotes are two different things just as winning quotes and having a winning quote are two different things.

Let me explain. The majority of people quoting focus on giving the cheapest price and though important can be a critical mistake. If you keep winning quotes with the cheapest price your business will go bust. A winning quote will give you enough profit to keep your cash flow and bank balance moving upwards.

So how do you win quotes with not the lowest price? 

Easy! Listen to your customer, know what their needs and priorities are and focus your quotation on that. If a customer perceives value for money they are more inclined to spend a bit more.

The CBS Cleaning Business Software - Bidding Software provides an opportunity to create a cleaning specification that can give the customer value for money by prioritising the clients critical areas, such as wet areas, reception and foyer areas, management offices etc. and minimising the cleaning in non critical areas.

Involving your client in the discussions will lead them to believe that your focus is on saving them money but still providing a service that will fulfil their needs. It will also stand you out from the pack as an experienced and professional cleaning service. 

The bidding software includes professional editable client quotation templates, comprehensive cleaning specifications and  administrations and operations reports.

It's the one per centres that count and professional quotation presentation is a two per centre.

The CBS Cleaning Business Software modules also allow a cleaning business to show a prospective client that your company is highly professional and sophisticated, offering them instant communication and information exchange through the client login portal, quality audits with built in KPI's, (CRM Module), information management systems (Dashboard), cleaner management and monitoring (HR Module) and more.

Each module designed to keep your business productive, continually improving and easily managed no matter what size.

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