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Blog How to maintain database with the software?

How to maintain database with the software?
How to maintain database with the software?
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How to maintain database with the software?

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Customer database software management

How to maintain Customer database software management?

 CRM Software for both Mac and Windows can be run from anywhere at any time. 
The CRM module integrates with the Information Dashboard for instant information and communication.
You will always be advised when a new mobile audit has been completed. It will provide a rating out of 10 for the quality of the cleaning standards for an immediate overview of the clients premises and your cleaners performance.
If your not communicating with your clients you can lose them. Get information on what clients have not been seen or communicated with to make sure you lose no one. 
You will offer your clients their own login portal that will provide them with instant communication for orders, complaints and Job request.
Your clients will be able to upload detailed quality audits, photos and provide you immediate feedback if they are not happy and your cleaners are not performing.
They can view a history of their previous Audits, Original Quotation and current contract and cleaning specifications. This means that when there is a contract variation everyone has the current copy and historical copies in chronological order. No confusion and no issues.
Win more client by showing them that you are a highly professional company with integrated communications and quality systems.

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